Minecraft server advertisement solution!
Cracked Minecraft servers advertisement in Players launchers!


We are Minecraft servers advertisement service. We have created our Minecraft launcher for cracked users that is used by thousands of players. Launcher sends us all statistics about users so we could know what's the most popular version and where most users live. We offer you to advertise your server with us. We will add it to players Minecraft favourites list so they would see your server and join to it.

* After you pay for advertising your server, the ip:port will be added to the servers list.

* There are 2 types of advertisement:

> Normal Sliding Boost List is limited to 3 Servers.! (your server advert will be visible minimum for 24 hours)
> Gold Sliding Boost List is Limited to 5 Servers.! (your server advert will be visible minimum for 72 hours)

* Purchase is available only with PayPal.

Your server advertise will be seen till the others servers will slide your advertise down.

After payment, you will be able to vote for the minecraft version that will be recommended to our launcher users.

Why it is helpful, how it works:

> Minecraft players from all over the world after updates are looking for cracked launcher! And then they find us!

> Server that is added to favourites, there will be even after your boost expires unless the player will delete it.

Server tips for attracting more players:

> Server should use English language.

> After signing in, player should find all the information he/she needs.

> Server should have informative server's name and MOTD.

* It is a great way to advertise your unique server in all over the world!!!

How it Works:

Buy minecraft server Advertisement

A list of servers that uses our services:
  • Post IP:PORT of the server you want to advertise, press the Donation , make the payment, and your server will be automatically added to the list of servers. Don't worry if you won't have players instantly after payment. It usually takes a few minutes to add your server to players favourites.

  • Fixed PayPal payment! 2015-12-09



Email: pypkje@gmail.com
SkypeID: pypkje